Rainbow Drive-In

I dream of Loco Mocos living in New York. One of the only places that serve it is L&L Drive-In on Fulton Street, which is a satisfactory alternative to the real deal served at Rainbow Drive-In in Honolulu.

There’s something about this concoction that just works…2 sunny side up eggs on top of hamburger patty with 2 scoops rice and thick brown gravy draped over everything. Oh yeah, can’t forget the macaroni salad. An acquired taste for sure as well as a love for carbs, it took me 18+ years to try this delicacy. The ironic thing about growing up in Hawaii is that I had never really been exposed to the local comfort food, which is partly a shame, since I no longer can get it at my disposal. I guess this is partly a good thing seeing as this should be consumed sparingly. Nevertheless, I will make a concentrated effort to visit Rainbow Drive-In at least once during my visits home.

Loco moco

Loco moco

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