To ring in 2013, my first meal of the year was at SobaKoh, hidden on East 5th between 1st and 2nd Avenue. After arriving home at the crack of down consuming McDonalds filet a fish and fries just hours before, I decided to opt  for something light to balance out my heavy remorse.

In an area full of ramen shops, I seldom go out to eat soba, nor make it at home and I can’t understand why, even after reading blog posts about places that serve soba with uni and ikura! In front of the restaurant you can see a man behind the window effortlessly making soba. The inside of is simple, clean and quiet and finding a spot was easy (compared to the wait at Cocoron). I looked at the menu and spotted just what I was looking for: cold soba with uni and ikura. My boyfriend decided on the broth noodles with duck. When the waitress took my order, she sadly informed me that they were out of uni. Out of uni???? How can that be??? Our original plan had fallen through and I quickly glanced at the menu again and brashly decided on the cold soba with duck. My boyfriend did not want to get something similar and switched his order to the soba in broth with shrimp tempura. We started off with the grilled Chilean sea bass, which tastes similar to misoyaki butterfish, a nice surprise.

Cold soba with duckThe main course: the noodles were done right–chewy and long. In my opinion it’s an art first acquiring some of the noodles and dunking them into the bowl of broth without losing any in order to grab a piece of meaty, fatty duck. Such small, immaterial issues, which are quickly forgotten after eating that first bite.

The soba with shrimp tempura

Soba with shrimp tempura

Soba with shrimp tempura

did not disappoint; however I would have wished there more pieces.

To end the meal, we shared the green tea ice with azuki beans, an agreeable and light way to clear the palate and balance the savory flavor of the soba broth.

I will definitely come back again, especially to try the soba with uni and ikura.

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